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Integrated Sales and Services (ISS)

Integrated Sales and Services (ISS) provides product representation and sales support for the semiconductor industry. ISS was founded in 1997 by my business partner Dave Boone. Dave and I have worked symbiotically since 1999 each bringing our own talents into the business. Dave has now moved on to other businesses but is still available for special projects or consulting. At the current time I am no longer seeking clients to represent for sales purposes, as my business is going towards providing training as a full time venture. I am always willing to discuss consulting projects as time allows.

I would like to thank, recommend and endorse some former principals whom I have had great relationships with and I fully recommend:

      Techcet Group, LLC.
Techcet provides industry reports and detailed technical and market analysis of many segments of the semiconductor market. The Critical Materials Reports, written for International Sematech, are offered to the industry at large. This group also will do diligence reports, intellectual property and research work. These are personal friends, very respected colleges, and thus come with my highest recommendation.

      Insight Analytical Labs, Inc
Specializing in semiconductor, circuit board, electrical and electronics failure analysis. IAL has a great staff with knowledge, technology and integrity. I can't recommend them enough! Great team for all analytical needs.

       GL Automation Inc.
GLA was what started my sales representation business and I continue to consult with them from time to time.  They have created creative and innovative products in the Semiconductor wafer handling market. GLA will also make custom builds and prototypes with the highest quality. They are located and build in Dallas, Texas.

I am now teaching Semiconductor Processing Classes including an Introduction to Semiconductor Processing course, Photolithography, Etch Processes, Epitaxial Silicon Growth, and Electronics Courses in DC Circuits, AC Circuits and Power Supplies. As always I still teach Quality, Problem Solving and Statistical Process Control. Please see my home page linked above.

In addition I am now offering Project Management for the Semiconductor Professional in collaboration with Mindavation. Please contact me for details or information on booking courses.

Jim Barrilleaux
3600 Purple Heron Dr.
Austin, TX 78746
(512) 329-5462


For more detailed personal information see www.JimForHire.com


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